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Publication Spotlight: McCutcheon Lab

Published: August 25, 2021

  Congratulations to the McCutcheon Lab at at the Arctic University of Norway, which recently published a paper in the Journal of Neuroscience entitled “Protein Appetite Drives Macronutrient-Related Differences in Ventral Tegmental Area Neural Activity“.

Publication Spotlight: David J. Barker, PhD

Published: June 02, 2021

  Congratulations to David J Barker, PhD on his published article, “pMAT: An open-source software suite for the analysis of fiber photometry data“.

Publication Spotlight: ANS Lab

Published: May 19, 2021

  Congratulations to Andres Pena and the ANS Lab at Florida International University for their recent publication in the Journal of Neural Engineering!

Publication Spotlight: Liberles Lab

Published: April 21, 2021

  Congratulations to Nao Horio, DDS, PhD and the Liberles Lab at Harvard Medical School on their recent publication in Nature, which described their identification of a neuronal mechanism by which hunger selectively promotes attraction to food odors over other olfactory cues.

Publication Spotlight: Vyazovskiy Lab

Published: April 05, 2021

  Congratulations to Vlad Vyazovskiy and first author Christopher Thomas from the Vyazovskiy Lab on their recent pre-print.

Publication Spotlight: Sanes Lab

Published: January 18, 2021

  Congratulations to Justin Yao and the Sanes Lab on their recent publication about temporal encoding in the auditory cortex during perception.

Publication Spotlight: Wesson Lab

Published: November 19, 2020

  Congratulations to Katherine Wright and the Wesson lab on their recent publication, which explored the differences in neural recruitment between the nucleus accumbens (NAc) and the adjacent tublar striatum (TuS) during goal-directed behavior.

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