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Publication Spotlight: Vyazovskiy Lab

April 05, 2021


Congratulations to Vlad Vyazovskiy and first author Christopher Thomas from the Vyazovskiy Lab on their recent pre-print. Their manuscript studies the effects of psilocin – a serotonergic psychedelic drug – on sleep. Sleep is often disrupted in those living with depression, and psychedelic drugs may regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Electrophysiology and sleep-wake behavior were tracked in mice given psilocin, in both undisturbed and sleep-deprived conditions. The results suggest that psilocin affects the local networks associated with sleep, but not the global pathways.

The Vyazovskiy lab studies mechanisms driving neural activity during sleep. They use TDT’s electrophysiology (RZ2 and PZ5) for simultaneous EEG, EMG, and single unit recordings in multiple animals.

Vyazovskiy lab findings, figure 4
CW Thomas, … , VV Vyazovskiy, et al. “Psilocin acutely disrupts sleep and affects local but not global sleep homeostasis in laboratory mice”. bioRxiv 2021. doi: 10.1101/2021.02.16.431276.



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