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Publication Spotlight: David J. Barker, PhD

June 02, 2021


Congratulations to David J Barker, PhD on his published article, “pMAT: An open-source software suite for the analysis of fiber photometry data“.

The article introduces pMAT, a “photometry modular analysis tool” Barker’s lab created that allows users to easily accomplish common fiber photometry analysis routines through the use of a graphical user interface. This open-source tool can be customized by more advanced users, but its point-and-click interface eliminates the need for coding experience and provides an easy-to-use, yet standardized approach.

The Barker Lab at Rutgers University applies cutting-edge technologies to interrogate neural circuits involved in psychiatric disorders. They use TDT’s fiber photometry system in their research, and TDT got a sneak peak at the pMAT technology last year when Barker presented as part of our TDT Talks webinar series. You can view his recorded presentation here.

screenshot of David Barket preseting on Fiber Photometry during a TDT Talks presentation
Carissa A. Bruno, Chris O’Brien, Svetlana Bryant, Jennifer I. Mejaes, David J. Estrin, Carina Pizzano, David J. Barker. “pMAT: An open-source software suite for the analysis of fiber photometry data”. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Volume 201, 2021, 173093, ISSN 0091-3057.


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