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RZ6 Multi-I/O Processor

High Frequency Stimulation & Complex Processing

The RZ6 delivers exceptional processing power, fast data transfer and a reliable sample rate of ~200 kHz. The RZ6 can be equipped with up to 4 high performance DSPs to support complex stimulus control, high frequency applications, and real-time normalization for speakers and microphones.


Optionally, the RZ6 can be upgraded with additional DSPs (up to a maximum of four) for complex filtering and high frequency applications.

Built on the ultra-fast RZ platform, the RZ6 combines multi-DSP architecture with superior onboard analog input/output capabilities perfect for animal screening and/or auditory stimulation.  For further processing power, choose the RZ6-A-P1. The device is designed for for optimal workspace, easy fit in standard equipment racks 19” width allowing ease portability.

Multi I/O Base Processor

(Capacity of up to 4 DSPS)

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RA4PA Medusa PreAmp

Digitizes up to 16 channels of neural signals at up to ~ 25 kHz.

ES1 & EC1 Electrostatic Speakers

Ultrasonic signal production with very low distortion.

MF1 Magnetic Speakers

High output and fidelity over a bandwidth from 1 - 50 kHz.

The RZ6 Base Processor

All-in-One Form Factor with Streamlined Set-Up

Minimize the need for peripheral devices when working with the RZ6.

Expedite research setup with the RZ6’s straightforward cable connection – You'll never need more than four cables, two in and two out, for any application.   Quickly incorporate audio by plugging your speakers or microphones directly into the RZ6.


The RZ6 is an all-inclusive machine equipped with:

  • Two-channel headphone and electrostatic speaker drivers
  • Two channels of programmable and manual attenuation
  • XLR and audio jack microphone inputs
  • A monitor speaker
  • Digital I/O


For multi-channel neurophysiology and higher channel count EEG, consider the RZ5D or RZ2.

The  RZ6-A-P1 Processor

All-in-One ABR & DPOAE Solution

The RZ6-A-P1 is a 3 DSP version of the RZ6 that includes all of the onboard I/O capabilities and adds a fiber optic input port for direct connection of the RA4PA, an optically isolated, battery powered Medusa PreAmp.  This version is well suited for ABR screening, evoked potential research, or low channel count, single unit neurophysiology.   Upgrade to a four DSP system for complex filtering and high frequency applications.

Use the RZ6-A-P1 with our BioSigRZ software, made specifically for ABRs and DPOAE.

  • Full signal averaging and analysis capabilities
  • Real-time visualization of averaged waveforms
  • Real-time speaker normalization
  • Artifact rejection
  • Peak, latency and comparison overlay analysis
  • Auto-cursoring and data manipulation
  • Easy configuration for rapid animal screening and hearing screening.


Designed with the principal investigator in mind, the RZ6/BioSigRZ System for your experiment setup to effortlessly hand-off routine testing.

Real-time Presentation and Post-hoc Analysis

All-in-one interface complete system with all connections easily accessible


Research Applications
  • Animal screening
  • Auditory stimulation
  • ABR/DPOAE screening & recordings
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Bioacoustics
  • Neurophysiology


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