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RV2 Video Tracker

The RV2 Video Tracker system provides digital video recording and real-time tracking. Video is streamed from the Gigabit camera to the RV2 video collection and data storage processor. Both positional information and image data can be stored on dedicated hard drives within the RV2 and sent to an RZ processor in real-time for precise synchronization with other recorded data, such as neural signals.

Research Uses

Product Specs


  • Maze tracking
  • Awake behaving, freely moving animals
  • Optogenetic stimulation
  • Seizure detection

Versatility for a Wide Range of Tracking Protocols

The RV2 Video Capture & Tracker

The RV2 is capable of tracking one or more subject’s position, orientation and velocity. X and Y coordinate space is automatically recorded for up to three colors and eight unique objects. Spatial events such as an object entering or leaving a region can also be marked. All of the data is stored on the fly with the electrophysiological data and both can be retrieved later for frame-by-frame analysis of the data.

Included RVMap software allows you to quickly set up complex tracking:

  • Define up to 8 tracked regions and a void region
  • Define the origin and custom scale (in cm, feet, etc)
  • Define any number of LEDs (RGB or IR) and reference points
  • LED points contain region, x, and y information
  • Reference points contain region, x, y, and heading information

S3 Compatible for a Complete Solution

When combined with one of our real-time processors, it allows you to create dynamic experiments that respond to the behavior of the subject. For instance, you can activate a feeder to reward an animal for moving through certain regions in some desired order, modulate an optogenetic or electrical stimulator based on the level of activity of an animal, or present auditory stimuli as a task cue.