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TDT’s Real-Time Processor Visual Design Studio is a flexible and easy to use environment that allows users to create powerful, custom, DSP programs without writing complex DSP code. Processing chains are built and debugged in an intuitive point-and-click environment. Simply select and link components to create custom processing circuits. You can run the circuit within RPvdsEx to test and debug your design, then save the completed circuit as a control object that can be used with run-time applications. Using the RPvdsEx real-time design studio you can turn our powerful real-time processing devices into custom lab instruments solving your specific set of problems.

Research Uses


  • Real-time control
  • Precise timing
  • Precision signal presentation

Crosstraining Your Experiments


Utilize RPvdsEx for a wide range of applications including simultaneous Single Unit and LFP Data Processing, Spike Fired Averaging, Artifact Rejection, Cross Channel Noise Reduction, Behavioral Control, Complex Stimulus Design and more.

The unique features of RPvdsEx include:

  • One click to compile, load, and run the circuit
  • Zoom and Pan features make it easy to view and move around a page
  • Add and link components on a drag-and-drop grid
  • Customize your workspace and toolbars for easy access to commonly used components and design elements
  • Available circuit components are organized into intuitive groups to speed the design process
  • Graphs, parameter watches, and other debugging tools accessible from a toolbar
  • View compilation status, errors, or warnings in a tabbed messages window – select an error in the list to navigate to the problem area of the circuit
  • Pages organize complex circuits and allow you to quickly switch between areas of the circuit or assign individual pages to one or more DSPs on a multi-DSP device


With RPvdsEx, concise error reporting helps you find and fix circuit errors. Additionally, powerful “Macros” feature allows complex circuit details and high-level functions to be condensed into easy-to-use Macro components.