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OpenEx Software Suite

OpenEx has been superseded by TDT’s Synapse software, an easy-to-use program for real-time control of TDT hardware.

In its time, OpenEx provided an integrative interface for controlling TDT hardware and for storing neural data by leveraging the underlying real-time operating system, RPvds. We encourage those who use OpenEx to make the smooth transition to Synapse.

NOTE: As of January 2020, OpenEx will no longer have hardware and software updates to its program (aside from those necessary to maintain compatibility with the TDT drivers.)


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Research Uses


  • High channel count neurophysiology
  • Electrical, optogenetic stimulation
  • Ephys of navigation

The OpenEx Software Suite

Real-Time Data Handling with TTank Engine

TTank is a data server that operates behind the scenes to provide fast, reliable data storage and retrieval. Store and provide data to many applications in real-time during an experiment or offline for post-hoc analysis of data.

Response waveforms as well as behavioral and stimulus events can be time stamped with microsecond accuracy and stored to our unique DataTank format. This format allows TTank to save large amounts of data and efficiently serve data up to client applications for real-time display and analysis.

Reliable System Configuration with OpenWorkbench

OpenWorkbench is the interface between OpenEx applications and the System 3 hardware. By working directly in OpenWorkbench the user can provide instructions about the experimental protocol to the hardware. Through OpenWorkbench’s graphical user interface, you can select devices for your experiment, specify which functions each will perform, select which data to store, preview recorded data in real-time and control the general flow of the experiment.

Real-Time Experiment Control with OpenController

Parameters such as filter settings, single-unit thresholds and stimulus variables, can all be modified on the fly. You can combine built-in components to create your own visual interfaces for parameter control and data display. OpenController includes over twenty customizable controls including gauges, switches, sliders, manual and automated spike sorting controls and data displays.

User-Customizable Display and Analysis with OpenScope

OpenScope was developed to visualize neural spike data and other bioelectric waveforms (e.g. EEGs or local field potentials) in real-time and offline. The TTank data server sorts and serves data to the OpenScope plots, which are updated as each of the selected data tank elements become available. Dynamically display stored data during the course of the experiment or replay the entire experiment later, showing data as it was acquired. A number of plot types allow viewing of raw data in several ways including: continuous time base, spike shape overlay, PSTH and raster plots.

Data Export and Viewing with OpenBrowser

OpenBrowser accesses data through the TTank data server. Data from one or more data tanks can be selected, filtered, previewed and exported. OpenBrowser supports Neuroshare and a variety of export formats including a standard ASCII file and formats for NeuroExplorer® or Plexon’s Offline Sorter.

Manage all OpenEx Programs in a Single Directory with OpenProject

OpenProject acts as the essential environment integration tool, greatly simplifying the system’s ease of use. With OpenProject, all OpenEx programs are brought under the control of a single management tool and all of the files related to a given experiment are managed automatically under a single directory structure.