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TDT at SfN 2021 (virtual)

July 06, 2021


Neuroscience 2021 will be held in a virtual-only format. Please join TDT November 8-11 at SfN online, where neuroscientists will present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, and explore new tools and technologies.

SfN logo - silhouette of human head with neurocircuits and the words "Neuroscience 2021 - 50th Annual Meeting"


What: Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 50th annual meeting

When: November 8-11, 2021

Booth #: 1051


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Tuesday, Nov. 9 @ 07:30 AM CST   OR   Wednesday, Nov. 10 @ 04:30 PM CST

*(open to all – SfN registration not required)

TDT will be showcasing our newest innovations at SfN, including:

Behavioral Control System (iCon)

 Fiber Photometry Solutions

Stim & Record on the Same Array

TDT iCon, far left-facing Complete Fiber Photometry System for RZ10X estim diagram with primate
Our new product, the iCon, is a simple-to-use behavioral control interface with interchangeable analog and digital modules to fit any experimental paradigm. Combine with our powerful Pynapse software for complete experimental control.
TDT’s out-of-the-box Fiber Photometry solution is designed specifically for researchers. Our user-friendly Synapse software provides a seamless interface to the real-time LUX RZ10X processor with integrated LUX LEDs and photosensors.
TDT’s new Switching Headstage is
designed for super-fast switching
(< 200 μs) with superb signal fidelity during stimulation and recording. Use with our Subject Interface stimulator for seamless concurrent stimulation and recording.


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