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Optogenetic Stim + Ephys

Control Optogenetic Stimulation Experiments with our Electrophysiology Processor and Synapse Software



TDT provides perfectly synchronized optogenetic stimulation for behavioral neuroscience. Trigger optogenetic devices, such as lasers and LEDs, from our integrated digital or analog outputs. With our RZ5D processor and Synapse software, simultaneously acquire behavioral and electrophysiological data.

With TDT, implement closed-loop paradigms in real-time (<1 ms). TDT’s RZ5D classifies single unit responses in real-time and can trigger optogenetic devices based on neural events (i.e. spike rate, power in a specific frequency band, etc).

The RZ5D easily interfaces with third-party optogenetic devices (i.e. Doric, Thor labs, etc.) via a digital or analog trigger. Just connect the laser to one of TDTs many signal outputs, and precisely control all stimulation parameters in Synapse, such as the number of pulses, frequency, and amplitude.

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