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128 Channel Ephys System

Up to 128 Channel Count Neural Recording System with Superior Usability in a Compact Package


This system is an industry favorite and we know why. Designed for everything from moths to man, record anywhere up to 128 channels. Stream all channels to disk at full bandwidth. Conduct real-time spike sorting and local field potentials with the best system for the price. With the Synapse Suite, you now have incomparable control of your data processing and stimulus presentation. You can interface to receive and send data packets to external devices such as eye trackers, motor trackers and real-time BMI devices. Benefit from the full flexibility of your TDT system.

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The WS-8 Workstation: Built for Compatibility

Finally, a computer as powerful as your TDT equipment. The WS-8 has been custom built with rapid system booting, removable data storage, and an exceptional graphics card. The icing on the cake? The WS-8 is rack-mountable to minimize your system footprint.

WS-8 Workstation

The Core of TDT's Multi-Channel Systems

  • Unparalleled control of stimulus presentation through the OpenController interface
  • Visualize all of your acquisition events as OpenWorkbench automatically synchronizes all data inputs in a perfectly timed manner: spike data, local field potentials, epoch events and control signal
  • Store time stamped waveforms, stimulus parameters and external digital events into a single synchronized data set
  • Export data to open source formats, EDF + NEX and offline sorter

SpikePac Adds Powerful Tools for Online Spike Sorting

  • Real-time single unit and tetrode spike sorting
  • Features auto-thresholding and auto-sorting
  • Principal component feature space and time-voltage hoops
  • Filtering, denoising and signal monitoring
  • Electrode site remapping