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SykofizX – Psychophysics Software

SykofizX is a powerful tool for designing and running psychophysical experiments. Signal presentation and control are integrated into a single package that supports most standard paradigms. SykofizX is supported by all TDT hardware and supports a variety of flexible subject interfaces ranging from a simple response box to a full touch screen.

Research Uses


  • Animal psychoacoustics
  • Human psychoacoustics
  • Hearing threshold measurements

A Comprehensive Research Tool

SykofizX - Psychoacoustics Software

With its onboard wizards and extensive library of examples, the software guides you through your experimental setup. Each experiment is divided into common elements, allowing you to mix and match various functional units, with varying degrees of customization. System calibration is also integrated for accurate control of stimulus level. Data can be displayed as it is collected or viewed after data collection is complete. Flexible data export options facilitate offline analysis