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iS Module

The iS9 module is a perfect option for your fear-conditioning and startle experiments. It provides precise control of aversive stimulus delivery for standard animal studies and easily integrates into floor grids.

The iS9 is designed to fit with your third-party behavioral chambers such as Med Associates™ and Harvard Apparatus™, allowing you to synchronize this behavioral event information with your other recording data in a closed-loop system.


Research Uses


Behavioral Neuroscience

The iS9 features:

  • Ability to interface with the floor grids of third-party behavioral cages and grids
  • Precise control of stimulation in 0.1 mAmp steps up to 2.5 mAmps of current
  • Control of stimulus parameters (like current, frequency, and period) through our Synapse software
  • Touch sensor allows users to trigger stimulation when animals are at a water spout. Stimulator isolates sensors to minimize repeated shocks.
  • Synchronization of stimulus parameters with other behavioral event information and recording data, all time-stamped and saved in your data file
  • Execution of paradigms including fear conditioning, shuttle box avoidance, Pavlovian conditioning, and foot shock for learned helplessness studies.