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RZ5P: Fiber Photometry Processor

Purpose built as an industry-leading high performance recording system, TDT’s RZ5P Fiber Photometry Processor is the perfect system for real-time processing and simultaneous acquisition of photosensor recordings in several brain areas of a freely behaving subject or in multiple subjects.

Powering up to four LED light sources to chronically implanted optical fibers, the RZ5P can collect recordings from the resulting fluorescence in up to two sensors. In addition to four channels of analog inputs and four channels of analog outputs, the RZ5P features 24 channels of programmable digital input and outputs for straightforward communication with most behavioral devices and systems.

Additionally, the RZ5P is a highly modular and flexible system which allows you to easily add other modalities such as electrophysiology, electrical cortical stimulation, and psychophysics.

Research Uses


  • Real-time processing, In Vivo Fluorescence experiments
  • 24 channels of digital I/O
  • Easily add synchronized video
  • Unmatched temporal precision
  • Four (4) +/-10V inputs and four (4) +/-10V out
  • Control of multiple light sources
  • Lock-in amplifier signal modulation

What is Fiber Photometry?

Fiber Photometry is a method for measuring brain activity using calcium-sensitive fluorescent proteins. Due to its low cost and much simpler surgery and data analysis compared to electrophysiology, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for measuring neural responses from behaving animals.

TDT is contributing to the growth of this novel method by providing hardware & software for fiber photometry experiments that can do it in half-a-dozen mouse clicks.