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HTI3 Headtracker Interface

Compatible with Polhemus & Flock of Bird Headtrackers

The Headtracker Interface simplifies acquisition of movement and positional information from motion tracking hardware. Acting as an interface between your System 3 processor and the Polhemus FASTRAK® or Ascension Flock of Birds® motion tracker systems, the HTI3 can acquire X, Y, Z coordinates, azimuth, elevation or pitch data from two receivers/sensors. Data can be transferred directly to any TDT real-time processor module with a fiber optic input, such as the RX6, bypassing the host computer and avoiding any increase in latency. You’ll be able to use tracker data to control 3D audio signal presentation in real-time or incorporate subject movement data into physiological studies of awake, behaving subjects.



 Spatial localization HRTF

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 Spatial localization HRTF