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PO5c – Cluster Interface Card

Chain multiple systems together into one Synapse Cluster with perfect time synchronization across the entire system.

Maximize the performance of your System3 (S3) hardware using our high-speed cluster integration PO5c Interface card. Engineered for those who want/require precise real-time control, the PO5c features a single, master clock that phase-locks timing and data across multiple workstations and all TDT devices attached to your cluster.

The TDT PO5c interface card with the latest version of Synapse featuring Cluster, is the latest addition to the TDT S3 Neurophysiology platform. Synapse Cluster with the PO5c allows you to divide real-time experimental tasks across multiple PCs and users from your designated parent workstation.

Breakthrough current hardware limitations and bottlenecks to record 2,000 channels and beyond!

Research Uses


  • Required for using TDT hardware in a Synapse Cluster