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Custom Software Development Tools

TDT’s ActiveX Controls are simple and powerful tools for writing custom applications for System 3 hardware. Just like other TDT applications, custom code developed using ActiveX® controls can load and run RPvdsEx circuits, update variables within processing chains, or read data from buffers in real-time. Any programming environment that supports ActiveX® controls can be used, including common languages like: Visual C++®, Visual Basic®, Delphi, MATLAB®, LabView, and VEE. Programs that allow scripts for implementing ActiveX® controls such as Microsoft Access and Excel are also supported.

 Custom software design SykofizX Engineering learning labs

Research Applications

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Process and filter acquired signals while controlling digital I/O and/or generating analog signals.


Design and run psychophysical experiments with SykofizX.

RZ6 Auditory Processor

A high bandwidth device ideal for animal screening and auditory stimulation applications.

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 Custom software design SykofizX Engineering learning labs