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Importing TDT Data into MATLAB for Offline Analysis

TDT provides a set of cross-platform tools for reading TDT data files directly into MATLAB offline. It is compatible with MATLAB 2007b and greater.


  1. MATLAB 2007b and greater


Just follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Download the MATLAB SDK (zip) and extract the files into a directory on your computer, like C:\TDT\TDTMatlabSDK.

  2. Download Example Data. Extract the example data files into the 'Examples' folder in the SDK.

  3. Add the path to the unzipped MATLAB tools directory.

    SDKPATH = 'C:\TDT\TDTMatlabSDK'; % or whatever path you extracted the SDK zip into
  4. Importing data is easy

    data = TDTbin2mat('path/to/block');