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Testing ipykernel support

To check ipykernel outside of Synapse, also install jupyter_console. Then execute

python -m ipykernel_launcher -f some_name

Open another command prompt and execute

python -m jupyter console --existing some_name

After successful jupyter console start, executing exit() on the console will shut down both the kernel and the console.

You can start the console from an entirely different python 3 installation as long as it has jupyter_console, or any other ipython / jupyter console flavor (like qtconsole).

Sharing Experiments

When importing an experiment that has a Pynapse gizmo in it, you might get a message that says 'check adjusted python.exe is appropriate for this imported gizmo'. This means the exe and/ or environment the exporter used wasn't found on your machine, so it switched to your default settings and you might want to change it.