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Installing Python

Pynapse requires an installation of Python. A pre-built Python 3.7.9 folder installs to C:\TDT\python-3.7.9 with Synapse and is automatically configured in Pynapse. It has everything you need to run Pynapse out of the box.

Custom Plotting and User Interface

If you want to use matplotlib and/or PyQt5 to develop your own custom plotting and user interface that extends beyond Pynapse's built-in plots and user controls, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the pre-built Python folder from TDT's website.

  2. Delete the existing C:\TDT\python-3.7.9, and extract the downloaded zip contents into C:\TDT\python-3.7.9

Other Installation Methods

Anaconda Python

Anaconda includes many scientific packages pre-installed for you. Choose this if you want to add these modules to your Python environment or if you are doing any data analysis with Python on this computer. For the Anaconda Python installation method click here.

Standard Python

Advanced users who don't prefer Anaconda can install Python from the web instead. For the standard Python installation method click here.