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Press Button Until Tone

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example 1 abstract

This behavioral experiment is designed to test subject attention by having them press a button for a randomized time until a tone plays.

When the paradigm starts, enter a pre-trial phase in which the subject must fixate on a cue light for a set period. If the subject succeeds in fixating, move to the trial phase; if not, restart the pre-trial phase.

During the trial phase, the subject must press and hold a button for a randomized time until a tone plays. If the subject remains pressing the button until the tone is played, then it receives a reward. If the subject releases the button before the tone completes, then it fails and receives adverse stimulation.

After the trial phase the pre-trial phase begins again.

Flow Chart

example 1 legend

example 1 flow chart
A flow diagram outlining all the major stages, decisions, and outputs for this paradigm

example 1 flow chart
Connection diagram in Synapse showing the full experiment tree routing. Inputs and Outputs to Pynapse gizmos should be setup first before proceeding with writing code

example 1 code flow
Flow diagram output from Pynapse code

from random import randint

class Always:   #StateID = 0

    def s_Umode_start():
        p_State.switch(PreTrial) #move to PreTrial upon start

class PreTrialWait: #StateID = ?
    def s_State_enter():
        p_State.setTimeout(10, PreTrial) #wait for 10 seconds before jumping to pre trial 

class PreTrial: #StateID = ?

    def s_State_enter():    
        p_Output.CueLED.turnOn() #turn Cue LED on

    def s_NosePoke_pass():
        p_State.switch(Trial) #move to trial if nose poke fixation lasts for duration testing

    def s_NosePoke_fail():
        p_State.switch(PreTrialWait) #restart pre-trial if nose poke fixation fails, but go to a waiting period first

    def s_Button1_rise():    
        p_State.switch(Invalid) #restart and make invalid if animal prematurely pushes button

    def s_State_exit():
        p_Output.CueLED.turnOff() #turn off LED when leaving

class Trial: #StateID = ?

    def s_State_enter():
        p_State.setTimeout(5, Invalid) #wait 5 seconds for animal to initial button press
        # if no button press within 5 seconds, invalid trial

    def s_Button1_rise():           
        wait_timeout = randint(0, 10)
        print("The ITI is: " , wait_timeout)
        p_State.setTimeout(wait_timeout, TrialStim)

    def s_Button1_fall():    

class TrialStim: #StateID = ?

    def s_State_enter():

    def s_AudSync_fall():

class Invalid: #StateID = ?

    def s_State_enter(): #increment global var invalid
        print(p_Global.invalid.toPretty()) #print current invalid value
        p_State.setTimeout(5, PreTrialWait)

class Reward: #StateID = ?

    def s_State_enter():
        p_State.setTimeout(5, PreTrial)

class Failure: #StateID = ?

    def s_State_enter():
        p_State.setTimeout(5, PreTrial)


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