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Configuring MF1 for Closed Field

MF1 Closed Field Speaker Assembly Diagram


Closed Field Adapter, Tip, and CF Line Filter used only for Closed Field Configuration!

To configure the MF1 for closed field operation:

  1. Ensure Black O-ring is in place on back of CF Adapter, as shown.

    Front of Speaker Back of CF Adapter
  2. Attach the CF Adapter to the front of the speaker using three of the provided ¼ x 4-40 hex screws.

    Speaker with CF Adapter 3 mm Tube Tip with Blue O-Ring
  3. Ensure the blue O-ring is in place at the base of the desired tip, as shown.

    Insert the tip into the groove on the CF adapter. Ensure the tip is bottomed in its socket. Gently insert the tube into the narrow end of the tip.

  4. Attach the CF filter to the provided RCA cable.

    CF Line Filter


    For Closed Field Configuration Only

  5. Attach a BNC to RCA adapter to the BNC amplifier port of your source device.

    Back of Speaker (shown with included stand)

  6. Connect the MF1 to the amplifier using the RCA cable (with CF filter attached).

For more information on the MF1 Speaker, see the System 3 Manual.