Software Development Kit

TDT offers a collection of tools to help customers with data analysis and collection using the Matlab SDK. These features include easy data importation for offline analysis, runtime visualization of recorded data, and runtime control of TDT hardware and software, all through Matlab. The purpose of this web page is to provide you with instructions and resources that will help you run the elements of the Matlab SDK that you need.


As you navigate through the Matlab SDK content, check out some of the examples we have posted. These examples include short and instructive workbooks that contain complete analysis code and associated plots generated from example data. By the time you are done exploring, you will see how easy it is to fit Matlab into the TDT experimental framework.


Download SDK & Examples >

Download Example Data >

Includes example data for Offline Analysis examples

TDTbin2mat Cross-Platform Import Tools. Works without any TDT software installed.

Example Workbooks, Data and Example File Downloads, TDT Community Examples

Read and analyze data while Synapse is recording. Example Workbooks and Experiments

Synapse API Manual, Example Experiments, Experiment and Script Downloads

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