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TDT offers cross-platform data import tools to help customers with data analysis and collection using Matlab or Python.

As you navigate through the Matlab/Python data import tools, check out some of the examples we have posted. These examples include short and instructive workbooks that contain useful analysis code and associated plots generated from example data.

This page highlights the Python examples. Click here for the Matlab examples.

Data Import

Read previously recorded data directly into Python 3.

1. Install the TDT Python package from pypi. From the command line, type:
pip install tdt

2. In Python, you can download the example data with this:

import tdt

3. Importing data is easy:

data = tdt.read_block('path/to/block')

The Python Example Workbooks include downloadable code for common applications

Example Workbooks


4. Live interactive Jupyter notebooks are also available:

00. Introduction to the TDT Python Package
01. Stream Plot example
02. Averaging Example
03. Raster PSTH Example
04. Note Filter Example
Fiber Photometry Epoch Averaging
Lick Bout Peri-Event

Or run them on your machine from the Jupyter notebook source code on GitHub.


Synapse API

Interact with Synapse and TDT hardware during a recording with the cross-platform API.

1. Install the TDT Python package from pypi. From the command line, type
pip install tdt

2. In Python, connect to Synapse with this:

import tdt
syn = tdt.SynapseAPI()

See the Synapse API Manual for more information

Synapse API Manual