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Zif Adapters Tech Notes

ZCA64-FLEX-OMN and ZCA96-FLEX-OMN Adapter Pinouts


Version: All
Date Added: 2021-01-06


The initial published pinout for the ZCA64-FLEX-OMN and ZCA96-FLEX-OMN adapters were incorrect, specifically for side B.

The correct pinouts were updated on 2020/11/16 and are available in the System 3 Manual.

Spatial organization of electrode sites are altered with the use of a ZIF-Clip adapter


Product: Zif Adapters
Version: All
Date Added: 2009-09-14


When switching from the older versions of the TDT headstages (RA16AC, RA16CH, LP16CH, NN32, and NN64) to the ZIF-Clip headstage and corresponding adapter, electrode sites may not match the preamplifier channels.

Probe manufacturers often change the pinout configuration of their probes or the probe site map simply does not match up to the adapter. This results in data not being recorded on the expected channel.


If using Synapse, use the Channel Mapper gizmo to automatically remap to the correct site configuration. If using OpenEx/SpikePac, use the SiteMap power macro to remap. If you wish to manually remap the channel orientation, see MCMap in the RPvdsEx Manual.