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RP Tech Notes

Tetrode component not supported by classic processors


Product: RP, RPvdsEx
Version: All
Date Added: 2007-01-31


Tetrode is an extended component and is not supported by classic processors.


The following figure illustrates an alternative circuit design to achieve a signal equivalent to the output of the Tetrode component without using the component itself. This example is for users who wish to achieve the same operation as Tetrode using lower order components on a Classic Processor.

The corresponding voltage threshold for each input channel can be controlled by modifying the Thr# tag value tied to the K parameter of each Compare component.

Transients on startup


Product: RP
Version: All
Date Added: 2002-08-16


The RPx devices generate a momentary transient (10V) on analog output channels when they are powered ON, when the hardware is reset, or when a circuit is loaded. When a transducer is connected to the RPx device the transient can be heard as a brief pop or click.


If you have a PA5 module, you can connect the RPx output to the transducer through the PA5 and follow the steps below to set the PA5 start-up attenuation setting to 120dB so that the noise is muted to the maximum.

  1. Turn ON the PA5 and press the Select knob once.

  2. "Atten" should appear in the display screen.

  3. Rotate the knob until the value is set to 120.0, then press the Select knob to accept the value.

  4. Rotate the knob again until the display reads "Save PS", then press the Select knob once.

  5. "Preset-1" should appear in the display screen. Press the select knob again to accept the setting.

  6. "Saving" should appear in the display screen.

If you do not have PA5, you can reduce the click noise by adjusting the gain setting on the external amplifier or by waiting until the circuit is loaded to the RPx device before connecting or turning on the external amplifier.