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RX5 Tech Notes

Anomalous signal on an analog output of an RX device when the channel is not in use


Product: RX5, RX6, RX7, RX8
Version: All
Date Added: 2005-10-06


The DAC outputs of the RXn processors will continue to generate a signal under the following conditions:

  • Input to the DAC channel is greater than zero immediately before switching the DacOut channel parameter.

  • Input to the DAC channel is greater than zero immediately before halting the processing chain.

  • Input to the DAC channel is greater than zero immediately before loading a new processing chain.


Make sure that the inputs to all DAC channels are zero before doing any of the above. This can be done by gating the signal or setting the DAC output to zero before switching channels, halting the processing chain, or loading a new chain.


The anomalous signal can be terminated by cycling power on the zBus rack holding the RXn processor.

Using non TDT amplifiers


Product: RA16BA, RX5, RX6, RX7, RZ2, RZ5
Version: All
Date Added: 2004-09-23


TDT modules that connect to amplifiers are compatible with any amplifier (including those not sold by TDT). Any TDT module with analog or fiber optic inputs can acquire signals of ± 10 V.

RX5 Pentusa does not boot


Product: RX5
Version: All
Date Added: 2004-09-01


The RX5 does not boot when turned on. This is an intermittent problem. When the RX5 fails to boot, the AMP and Status LEDs are not lit and the LCD display is blank. Any device caddies 'below' the RX5 will also have a break in communication, indicated by a slowly flashing power LED.


Turn the RX5 off and all device caddies below it. Turn on the RX5. Wait a couple of second and repeat if necessary. After the RX5 boots, turn on device caddies below it in the system.

Incorrect values are loaded to buffers on the RX5


Product: RX5
Version: All
Date Added: 2004-04-13


Large data transfers to the RX5 resulted in incorrect values being loaded to the buffers.


This issue was resolved by a design change implemented on RX5s with serial numbers of 2000 or greater. Contact TDT for assistance.