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ES1 Tech Notes

ES1/EC1 speaker output volume is too low


Product: ES1, EC1
Version: All
Date Added: 2009-07-09


ES1/EC1 speakers experience a 30dB SPL drop across all frequencies resulting in performance below specifications. Over time or with exposure to high temperatures the adhesive holding the copper foil shielding in place can fail. This may result in contact with the grounded bolts of the ES1/EC1 housing causing a short circuit.


To fix this issue:

  1. Power off all equipment and devices and disconnect the ES1/EC1 speaker completely.

  2. Remove the mounting post from the ES1/EC1 using a Phillips-head screwdriver to gain access to the copper foil-wrapped transformer.

  3. Bind the copper foil shielding using one of the suggested methods:

    1. Wrap an orthodontic rubber band around the base of the transformer to hold the foil.

    2. Use an epoxy adhesive or glue to bind the foil.

    3. Wrap electrical or scotch tape around the transformer to cover the foil.

  4. Once complete the foil should no longer be in contact with any of the grounded bolts on the base plate of the ES1/EC1 speaker.

  5. Reattach the mounting post.

The following images can be used for reference.

Here adhesive holding the foil has failed resulting in a short circuit

The rubber band has secured the foil which is no longer in contact with the grounded bolts


If you experience this issue contact TDT to request an RMA.

Modifying the EC1 or ES1


Product: EC1, ES1
Version: All
Date Added: 2004-09-01


Modifying the EC1 or ES1 can result in unexpected changes in the transfer function. All modifications to the EC1 or ES1 should be performed by TDT. We cannot take responsibility for errors that might be caused by speakers that have been modified by the user. If you need a modification to your speaker(s) please contact TDT.

EC1/ES1 artifact picked up by electrodes


Product: EC1, ES1
Version: < 3000
Date Added: 2004-03-02


There is a direct electrical pickup of the acoustic signal from the EC1/ES1 by both high and low impedance electrodes.


EC1s and ES1s with serial numbers greater than 3000 have been modified to decrease direct pickup by about 6 dB. If you experience this problem, contact TDT to request an RMA for upgrade.