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RA16BA Tech Notes

Microcode mismatch after upgrade


Product: RP2, RP2.1, RA16BA, RV8, RM1, RM2
Version: > v80
Date Added: 2016-08-02


After updating to v84 TDT drivers (or above) and updating the microcode on the devices in your system, zBUSmon will show a mismatch (red lettering) and indicate the version number is 80 for the following devices: RP2, RP2.1, RA16BA, RV8, RM1, and RM2.


The latest microcode version for these devices is v80. You can still use the "Update All Devices" command to update your system's microcode. The microcode installer can detect the device types and install the correct microcode according to the device type. In this case, you can safely use both microcode versions in your system as needed. You will see a microcode mismatch indicator (red lettering) for devices using v80, but you can disregard the warning indicator in this situation.


Upgrade to the latest version of TDT Drivers. The mismatch indicator no longer erroneously appears for these devices.

Using non TDT amplifiers


Product: RA16BA, RX5, RX6, RX7, RZ2, RZ5
Version: All
Date Added: 2004-09-23


TDT modules that connect to amplifiers are compatible with any amplifier (including those not sold by TDT). Any TDT module with analog or fiber optic inputs can acquire signals of ± 10 V.