v96 Microcode Doesn't Work on RX Devices with Five DSPs

Tech Note: TN2201
Product: TDT Drivers, RX
Version: 96
Date Added: 2022-01-07 (updated 2022-02-08)


Device microcode from the July 2021 TDT Drivers release 96 doesn't work on RX devices with 5 DSPs.


Download and install the latest TDT drivers from https://www.tdt.com/support/downloads/, then update the RX device with the following instructions:

  1. Turn the RX off
  2. Press and hold the MODE button on the front of the RX next to the power switch
  3. Turn the power switch on and release the MODE button 5 seconds later
  4. Open zBusMon
  5. Right click on the red G21_1 device and select the Program option
  6. Browse to the new RXn.dxe file
  7. Click on Program Device and allow the RX to update normally. This should take under 25 minutes for a 5-DSP RX device
  8. Retest your TDT hardware by running a Transfer Test in zBusMon

Contact TDT support support@tdt.com if you need additional assistance.