Circuit fails when loaded using 64-bit Matlab or Python

Tech Note: TN0973
Product: ActiveX
Version: All
Date Added: 2016-08-02


Using 64-bit Matlab or Python to load a circuit that uses the HP_LP_Filter macros or the PZ5_Control macro will fail. The 64-bit RPcoX control is unable to load any circuit that uses a ScriptTag component. The error message looks like this:

"Error using COM.RPco_x/LoadCOF Error: Object returned error code: 0x2686BFC0"

In v78 and above LoadCOF will fail with no error.


This failure occurs because these macros use a VBScript component that isn't 64-bit compatible.

The HP_LP_Filter can be replaced using cascading HP/LP Biquad filters in the circuit, which is functionally equivalent.

There is currently no workaround for the PZ5_Control macro. Contact TDT support for assistance.


Use 32-bit Matlab or Python, or replace the functionality of the ScriptTag component in your own custom code.