Windows 10 and Windows 8 issues

Tech Note: TN0970
Product: TDT Drivers, PO5, PO5e, PO5c
Version: All
Date Added: 2016-02-08


Windows 8 and above known issues:

  1. Windows 10 has no option to delay or disable updates for non-enterprise users. Users running long/overnight experiments will have to disable the service to ensure recordings aren't interrupted. See Tech Note #0964.

  2. The 'Fast Startup' function in Windows 8 and above causes problems with the PCI Interface on bootup. Disabling this setting resolves the bootup issue.

  3. Data Saving and Cache errors can be caused by the Windows 8 and 10 Superfetch/Prefetch (a feature that caches data to improve the performance off some applications) and Indexing (used to speed-up searches) services are turned off.