RS4 does not properly close files when switching between Preview and Record modes

Tech Note: TN0969
Product: RS4
Version: All
Date Added: 2015-05-26


The RS4 does not recognize OpenEx Record and Preview mode changes if they occur too quickly. The RS4 detects a data stream, opens the necessary files and start writing until the stream stops. If you switch between Preview and Record mode quickly, there isn't a large enough break in the stream for the RS4 to detect that the data stopped, and a new stream has started. When this happens the RS4 doesn't close the data file, continuing to record in the same file.


To prevent this, make the Workbench window active, go to the Setup|Triggers and Mode Switching menu, and set 'zTrgA On' to 1000 ms. This ensures that whenever the system enters Preview or Record mode, there is a break in the streaming data of at least 1 second.