A new FORJ will not fit in the clamp on an existing ACO32 commutator

Tech Note: TN0958
Product: ACO32, FORJ
Version: Built 2015-06-11 or later
Date Added: 2015-06-11


The ACO32 form factor is designed to support the addition of a Doric fiber-optic rotary joint (FORJ). The physical design of the DORIC part was changed slightly by the manufacturer and made it necessary to redesign the clamp that holds the FORJ in place in the ACO32.

The clamp redesign doesn't affect functionality, but it does affect how the assembly is installed in the ACO32 commutator. Previously, the FORJ was inserted from the bottom of the clamp. To accommodate a new flange on the FORJ, a small lip has been added to the clamp to keep the FORJ from slipping through. As a result, the FORJ must now be inserted from the top. If using a new FORJ with an old clamp without the lip, the FORJ won't seat correctly.


Customers ordering replacement parts will need to be aware of this difference. If you need a new clamp, contact TDT for assistance.