SigGen Variables Must be Unique

Tech Note: TN0949
Product: SigGenRP, BioSigRZ
Version: All
Date Added: 2014-11-07


When you generate multiple segments in the same SigGen signal file (.sig), you can only use each variable once.

Symptoms: If you generate a multi-segment stimulus with duplicate variable names, the output displayed in the SigGen multi-purpose plot (stimulus view) will be flat, not showing any stimulus.


If you need a signal with multiple segments that each use an identical variable, you can create them to be identical EXCEPT for the name. Each name can only be used once in a given .sig file.

With unique variable names for each segment, SigGenRP and SigGenRZ will generate the stimuli correctly.


When editing these variables in the future, be sure to edit all variables in the same way.