Replacing Your Closed-Field Speaker Tubing

Tech Note: TN0946
Product: EC1, MF1, CF1
Version: All
Date Added: 2014-09-10


The PVC tubing supplied with closed field speakers can get brittle and crack over time, especially if cleaned frequently.


If tubing is brittle or cracked it should be replaced. The PVC tubing TDT uses for the MF1, EC1 and CF1 speakers is commercially available from several sources.

The supplier TDT uses is McMaster-Carr. It is listed on their website as "Masterkleer PVC Tubing," part number 5233K51.

This tubing can be sterilized with steam (autoclaving) and gas.

If you'd like to source this from another supplier, the tube specifications are:

ID 1/16"

OD ⅛"

Wall 1/32"