UDP network connectivity issues

Tech Note: TN0942
Product: RZ-UDP
Version: Serial numbers RZ2-2 < 3052, RZ2-4 < 3067, RZ2-8 < 3078, RZ5-1 < 2066, RZ5-2 < 2066, RZ5D < 1084
Date Added: 2014-10-27


Some UDP interfaces have non-unique MAC addresses. If UDP interfaces with duplicate MAC addresses are used on the same network, the behavior of the interface will be unpredictable. Depending on how the network is setup, the second device added to the network might not come online at all or might seem partially functional as some traffic intended for the first device is received.

This can affect a lab that uses multiple UDP interfaces on the same network or two or more labs that share a network with each lab using their own UDP interface. If you have multiple UDP interface devices, check the MAC address of both devices to determine whether this is the source of your UDP issues.


Contact Support for assistance reprogramming the interface. In most cases, this can be resolved without returning the device.