RS4 files named incorrectly, RV2 not identified by OpenEx/Synapse, zBusMon or Synapse can't identify RS4/RV2, or UDP communication failure

Tech Note: TN0939
Product: RV2, RS4, RZ-UDP, Synapse, OpenEx, zBUSmon
Version: All
Date Added: 2011-12-06


OpenEx, Synapse, and zBusMon use UDP packets to broadcast to or receive information from an RS4, RV2 or RZ with UDP on a local network. If these packets are blocked for any reason, the software can't communicate with them and no packets can be received.

When using the RV2, this will cause any attempt at communication with the device to fail.

When using an RS4, the data is still streamed but tank and block file naming information are lost and the RS4 names the data incorrectly.

When using an RZ with a UDP, UDP communication will fail.

When using zBusMon (version 80 or later), the devices are not displayed in the device diagram. Because this problem occurs with zBusMon, but not Windows Explorer, zBusMon serves as a good tool for confirming the source of problems first identified in OpenEx/Synapse Rig Editor.


The UDP packets may be blocked for any of several reasons.

If you are using OpenEx version 2.12 or earlier, upgrade to the latest version of OpenEx to avoid any related issues resolved in OpenEx version 2.14.

If you are using version 2.14 or later, packets might be blocked either by a Windows Firewall or by firewalls in place on your institutions network.

If your system is connected to your institution's network, TDT strongly recommends getting a small network switch, such as the one found at:

and connecting all devices to the switch instead. This should resolve the problem. If this isn't feasible, contact your IT department for assistance.

If your system is not connected to your institution's network and you are still having a problem, it is likely that a Windows Firewall is in use on your PC (and a user may have clicked "block" the first time the system tried to communicate across the firewall). To resolve this issue, add a firewall exception for zBusMon and Synapse (or OpenWorkbench for OpenEx users) on port 41257.