Streaming Limitations Using the RZ-UDP Interface

Tech Note: TN0938
Product: RZ-UDP
Version: RZ2-2 Serial number < 3052, RZ2-4 SN < 2067, RZ2-8 SN < 3078, RZ5-1 SN < 2066, RZ5-2 SN < 2066, RZ5D SN < 1084
Date Added: 2014-08-13


RZ-UDP interfaces installed in RZ's with the specified serial numbers are unable to stream more than 180 channels without special data handling in the RPvdsEx circuit.


The ZIP file linked below contains a circuit example which splits the UDP packet in two and alternates which channels are sent over:

UDP workaround zip

Contact Support if you need assistance implementing the workaround.


This limitation has been corrected for devices with the serial numbers listed above or greater. The correction can be implemented on older devices, but it must be implemented at the factory. Request an RMA from Support.