Finding the MAC Address

Tech Note: TN0936
Product: RS4, RV2, PZ5, SI, BH32, RZ-UDP
Version: RS4 and RV2 Firmware < v1.13, PZ5 and BH32 = All
Date Added: 2014-08-15


In some labs, the network administrator may require users to provide a networked TDT device's MAC address.


For the RS4 and RV2:

Upgrade the RS4 or RV2 firmware to v1.13 or later (available on the Config tab). The MAC address can now be found on the RS4 and RV2 touchscreen interface. Show the Status tab and touch the Current IP value. A Network Configuration dialog pops up and the MAC address is displayed in the dialog.

For other devices:

To determine the address, the PC must be directly connected to the TDT device so that they are on the same network. Connect one of the devices for which you need the MAC address and complete the steps below, then repeat with each device, one at a time.

  1. On your PC, run the zBUSmon network search to make sure you can see the device and note it's IP address.

  2. Click Start. In the Search/Run box, type cmd and press the Enter key.

  3. In the Command Line window, type ping, replacing with the IP address of the device.

  4. After the ping response has finished, type arp -a.

  5. Under Internet Address, locate the IP address you just pinged. In the same line, under Physical Address, the corresponding MAC address is listed.


If the TDT device does not automatically identify on a network, you can force it to reset its IP address by unplugging the Ethernet cable and plugging it in again.