Restoring a corrupted block of data in an OpenEx data tank

Tech Note: TN0935
Product: OpenEx, Synapse
Version: All
Date Added: 2014-08-04


If a block is damaged or corrupted, the stored data may not be selectable. The block name may be visible in the Tank window, but no events/stores will be listed, and data cannot be exported or plotted.


For 64-bit machines or files larger than 2-3GB, download and run: TankRestore64.exe

For 32-bit machines, download and run: TankRestore32.exe

The Data Tank Utilities window launches:

  1. Click Next.

  2. Choose your Tank and Block then click Next.


    If you can't select the corrupted block, move the corrupted block into an empty tank and try again. Sometimes the corrupted blocks will not display correctly in a list.

  3. Under Modify Tank, select Re-create Index File and click Next.

The operation should complete in under a minute. This makes a backup copy of the TBK file (if it exists) and then creates a new one based on the block data. You should be able to access your data after this operation.