RZ2 analog I/O fails at boot-up

Tech Note: TN0932
Product: RZ2
Version: All
Date Added: 2014-01-13


The RZ2 power supply uses multiple voltage rails to distribute power through the device. Because the side fan requires a large current draw on start-up, the corresponding power spike can sometimes exceed the rating for one of the voltage rails. When this occurs, the safety circuit shuts off that rail until the power is cycled on the RZ2.

The issue will present itself as:

  1. ADCs/DACs do not work**

  2. Side fan does not spin

  3. Blue LED on the power switch is not lit and the ADC and DAC indicators on the RZ2 screen show erroneous color combinations


This is an intermittent problem. Cycle power on the RZ2 until it starts-up correctly (the blue light on the power switch comes on).


If this issue becomes persistent or problematic, contact Support for assistance.