OpenBridge fails to import PLX file

Tech Note: TN0929
Product: OpenBridge
Version: All
Date Added: 2013-11-15


When using OpenBridge to modify PLX files, the number of waveforms in the imported PLX file must match the number of waveforms in the data block. They may differ if you use the "File" → "Export to New .PLX" option in Offline Sorter, which allows you to exclude waveforms in the exported PLX file. When importing one of these files into the tank, the new sort code will not be created. In v2.18 and prior, OpenBridge may erroneously report that the import completed.


Use the "File" → "Save" or "File" → "Save As" options in Offline Sorter to create PLX files for importing with OpenBridge. Do not use the "File" → "Export to New .PLX" option.