Can't use backslash in VBScript with Windows 7

Tech Note: TN0892
Product: OpenController
Version: All
Date Added: 2011-09-12


When entering text into a VBScript control in OpenController, a backslash '\' appears as a character that resembles a 'W' and does not function as a backslash.


Replace the VBScript control with a VBScriptEX control and copy/paste the code contents. The VBScriptEx control is a newer form of the VBScript control and uses nearly identical syntax.

The only differences are the Write and Print commands which now have an underscore following them.

Write(target_ctrl, Value) becomes Write_(target_ctrl, Value)

Print("Hello World!") becomes Print_("Hello World!")

Aside from these two function name changes the code can be simply copied and pasted into the new control.