RA8GA, PA5, or HTI3 behave erratically

Tech Note: TN0858
Product: RA8GA, HTI3
Version: RA8GA serial numbers < 2066, HTI3 serial numbers < 1018
Date Added: 2009-06-02


Timing errors may occur when using the RA8GA, PA5, or HTI3 if the zBUS clock lines become overloaded. This happens most often when two RA8GA devices are placed in the same zBUS caddie but can also happen with any other combination of these devices. Symptoms of this issue include erratic behavior of the LEDs or buttons (i.e. LEDs flash erroneously when a button is pressed or unresponsiveness when a button is pressed)


If possible, rearrange the affected devices so that they are not located in the same zBUS caddie.


If you have experienced this problem, contact TDT for an RMA.