PZ3_ChanMap macro causes a warning in RPvdsEx

Tech Note: TN0848
Product: PZ3, RPvdsEx
Version: All
Date Added: 2009-04-09


When using the PZ3_ChanMap macro in RPvdsEx, the macro causes a warning message to be displayed even when used correctly. The warning message occurs when RPvdsEx detects a channel number mismatch between the RZ2_Input_MC macro and the PZ3_ChanMap macro.


The RZ2_Input_MC macro is designed for the PZ2 preamplifier which contains 16 recording channels per bank. The PZ3 amplifier differs in that each bank contains 8 channels for recording and 8 channels for impedance testing. The number of channels parameter defined in the PZ3_ChanMap macro should be configured to output the number of recording channels according to the PZ3. This means that the RZ2_Input_MC macro will have double the number of channels compared to the PZ3_ChanMap macro.

For example, when using a 32-channel PZ3, the PZ3_ChanMap macro channel number parameter would be set to 32 while the RZ2_Input_MC macro channel number would need to be set to 64 (since the PZ3 has half the number of recording channels per bank compared to the PZ2). Refer to the images below for examples of how to correctly use the PZ3_ChanMap macro.



Ensure that the correct number of channels is set before attempting to use the circuit.