OpenExplorer may display erroneous Spike counts

Tech Note: TN0844
Product: OpenExplorer
Version: All
Date Added: 2009-01-29


When plot data is refreshed or if the plot is right-clicked while spike data are being loaded, events may be counted multiple times on several channels.

This is a difficult issue to observe since the actual number of events on a channel is not often known. Spikes that occur later in the tank are most likely to be counted multiple times. This is primarily a problem with slow PC's or large data sets. Plots affected by this issue include: Piled, Activity, Feature, and Histogram.


Reload the data by clicking refresh once. This will reload the spike data.


Do not click refresh or right-click the plot until all spike data has been loaded. Loading is finished when the progress bar fills up, shows the text 100%, and then disappears.