Using the Gigabit interface with 32-Bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7

Tech Note: TN0837
Product: TDT Drivers, OpenEx, OpenDeveloper, OpenExplorer, OpenSorter
Version: 70
Date Added: 2008-08-15


After performing a typical installation of the TDT Drivers, running RPvdsEx results in an error message which states "Error loading component specification file: CmpSpec.txt". Or, if you launch zBUSmon, you will see "NO TDT card Detected."


32-bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 can be used with some adjustments to security settings and program compatibility settings. This procedure has proved successful for running OpenEx with a Gigabit interface.

Configuring 32-bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 for TDT software installation

  1. First, you must be using an Administrator account.

    Turn off the User Account Control (UAC) for the account that will be used to install the applications.

    The option to turn this on or off is seen when viewing the details of your user account.

  2. Download the software installation packages from the web from here: V70 software installation packages Contact TDT to request passwords for applications you have purchased.

  3. Edit the properties of the *.EXE installation files. Under the Compatibility tab, click the Run this program in compatibility mode for: checkbox and choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2) in the dropdown.

  4. Run the install packages as normal. Start with the TDT Drivers and reboot when asked. Install OpenEx before installing OpenDeveloper, OpenExplorer or OpenSorter.

Hardware Installation

Windows will recognize your hardware when it is first installed. When prompted, let windows search for drivers automatically. If you have any further difficulty, contact TDT Support.


Upgrade to Optibit Interface (FO5 with PO5/PO5e/PO5c/UZ3) and the latest version of TDT software. Current drivers are also compatible with the 64-bit USB Interface.