Store configuration errors in OpenWorkbench

Tech Note: TN0271
Product: OpenWorkbench
Version: 2.6
Date Added: 2007-11-28


If OpenWorkbench detects more than one Store by the same name a duplicate store error -- "multiple stores have the same name" -- is reported and OpenWorkbench will not run until the duplicate store's name has been changed or the duplicate store has been disabled. This type of error typically occurs when running the same or similar RCO files across multiple devices. Standard Stores are associated with commonly used macros, such as the CoreSweepControl macro, so these Stores will be duplicated when running multiple devices unless the user disables or renames the duplicate store(s).

This easily resolved issue can be further complicated when a Store, such as the Store found in the StandardTimeControl, includes a buddy Epoc. The default setting in OpenWorkbench does not show buddy Epocs. Disabling the primary Store does not disable the hidden buddy Epoc.


In OpenWorkbench

In order to disable the buddy Epoc Store select Show All Fields from the Storage Specification dialog box. This will display all stores and allow all stores to be disabled. Set the Mode of the Store to Disable

In RPvdsEx

Open the Properties window for the StandardTimeControl macro. On the Setup tab, select Disabled under Store Mode, then click Done. This will disable all stores for this macro. Save the changes to the RCO file and return to OpenWorkbench.