Shrouded microwire array headstage compatibility

Tech Note: TN0258
Product: RA16CH, LP16CH
Version: RA16CH serial numbers < 4000; LP16CH serial numbers < 2000
Date Added: 2002-05-03


Shrouded microwire arrays may not be compatible with chronic headstages manufactured before array shrouds were available. LP16CH headstages below serial number 2000 are NOT compatible with shrouded arrays and RA16CH headstages with serial numbers less than 4000 may or may not be compatible depending on the amount of epoxy used in manufacturing the headstage.


Changes to the RA16CH and LP16CH ensure compatibility of new headstages with shrouded microwire arrays. If you are purchasing shrouded arrays for use with older headstages, please discuss compatibility issues with your sales representative before placing your order.

ECN1802, ECN7301.