Running a Medusa PreAmp off an external battery

Tech Note: TN0256
Product: RA4PA, RA16PA, RA16SD
Version: All
Date Added: 2007-07-12


Customers looking for extra battery life for their Medusa PreAmp can purchase the PZ-BAT external battery pack from TDT.

Alternatively, off the shelf 6 V batteries, such as a motorcycle battery or a battery for use with emergency lighting, can be adapted for this purpose. Two options for batteries are:



An example of a charger is

These batteries have a capacity of about 6 Amp-hr, which should power an RA16PA for over 60 hours between charges. If longer run times are desired, you can select a similar battery with a higher Ah capacity.

This type of battery can be connected to the voltage inputs of the PreAmp using a Digi-Key connector (part number SC1051-ND). The connector will have to be wired to the battery.


The SC1051-ND connector is center negative. Inverting the connection will damage the PreAmp.